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Volume 1 #2

February 25, 2021

Blog Post Vol 1 #2 – Feb 15, 2021         Tom Wolf



Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Presidents Day all in one this last weekend.  At this point Sue and I both have received our first Covid Vaccinations.  After all the drama of trying to schedule an appointment that required a computer or smart phone and using an “app” that wasn’t very clear for those of us on Medicare (you know…the VULNERABLE!), actually walking into a well-organized vaccine distribution process was kind of anti-climactic! 


I thought I would start out with the current summary produced by the Wall Street Journal of the state of the vaccine distributions in our country.  You can view the information on the following site:


When you view the above link, ask yourself how the Bureau of Prisons administered more vaccinations than they received?


More GOOD NEWS about vaccine distribution:

  1. Pfizer is applying for FDA approval to ship their vaccine without the need for the “deep freeze” conditions they currently have. This will speed up manufacturing, shipping, and allow for more facilities, labs, pharmacies, etc. to store and distribute the vaccine.
  2. Here in Southern California, there are now two phone numbers for those 65 and over to call to get help scheduling a vaccination WITHOUT NEEDED A SMART PHONE AND/OR A COMPUTER! You can call either 211 or 311 to request help.
  3. I was told by a friend this morning that CVS should be distributing the vaccines shortly although no appointments were available yet.

 I have included some updated vaccine information attachments for your reading that     will also shed some current light on the status of dealing with the Coronavirus and it is good information without any political bias as is so common right now.


  Yes, REALLY, there is a correct way to “use” SCIENCE…


Did you ever hear the term:  “Scientific Method”?  Simply stated it’s definition is:


The scientific method is a series of processes that people can use to gather knowledge about the world around them, improve that knowledge, and attempt to explain why and/or how things occur. This method involves making observations, forming questions, making hypotheses, doing an experiment, analyzing the data, and forming a conclusion. Every scientific experiment performed is an example of the scientific method in action, but it is also used by non-scientists in everyday situations.



I was a Physics major at the University of Wisconsin and spent 8 years in the Air Force in the area of Space Systems Operations.  Basically, I supported the systems that were used to allocate resources and develop parts of the Air Force satellites in preparation for launch, launch itself, and while in orbit.  (A few of those items are hanging on my office wall or sitting on a cabinet for you to see if you want…..someday!).


On occasion we had to brief generals about the “readiness” of our system for launch.  If we presented that all of the system checks and simulation tests were positive, weather was good, and everything was ready BUT we really had no confidence we could launch, I would not have lasted 8 years.  The agreed to “science” dictated our actions.  This really was “rocket science” after all!  And at our peak we prepared for 4-6 launches per year with NO failures.  The science included many disciplines; including meteorology, computer hardware and software reliability, mechanical stress monitoring, communications, global radar and space transmission, etc., i.e. many “observations” and a LOT of data.


Maybe it is that appreciation for the interplay among many scientific disciplines that I find frustrating while observing our pandemic “leadership” responding in an almost linear fashion, facing one “almost-fact” raised within one response alternative while ignoring all the other scientific disciplines that have a role in a well-coordinated pandemic response. There is such a thing as the “scientific method”, it used to be taught in science classes.  This seems to have been replaced by selective and “stubborn” use of OLD “data” and the assumption that no other inputs or updates to past observations are required.  In my satellite case, no ONE science can drive the assessment of a successful mission.  In the case of the pandemic, no one science should be driving NATIONAL OR GLOBAL response either.  And we should be ready to adapt our conclusions to what is obviously rapidly changing “scientific” information.


Read the attachments to this blog to see what happens to our current assessment of the Virus when all scientific disciplines are applied and data is constantly updated.


In my first blog I discussed “Let’s Get Real” and this applies to our own web-based research.  Take a look at the following page.  It is the Google search top items that resulted from my search input of “virus immunology research”.  You don’t need to read it word for word but notice the type of information provided.  You will then compare this to the search results on the following page.




  1. Anytime
  1. Ads

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  1. Including results for

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      • Viral Immunology delivers cutting-edge peer-reviewed research on rare, emerging, and under-studied viruses, with special focus on analyzing mutual relationships between external viruses and internal immunity.

Viral Immunology | Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers Immunology delivers cutting-edge peer-reviewed research on rare,,mutual relationships between external viruses and internal immunity.

  1. People also ask

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  1. Viral Immunology | Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers

Viral Immunology delivers cutting-edge peer-reviewed research on rare, emerging, and 



Now look at the next page for the top items from a different browser for the same input.



Any Time

Immunology of Viral Infections

Immune responses to nonenveloped and enveloped viruses are different (see Table 1). The immune reactions to nonenveloped viruses are predominantly humoral responses against extracellular viruses, because nonenveloped viruses usually are released rapidly, a process that results in lysis and death of the infected cell, and because viral antigens are not present on the cell membrane.

Virology: Department of Microbiology-Immunology: Feinberg ...

Our research focuses on infection by Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1), a retrovirus and causative agent of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). In addition to suppressing the immune system, rendering victims susceptible to opportunistic infections, HIV-1 can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause serious damage to the central ...

Research - Microbiology & Immunology - University of ...

A major research goal of the faculty is therefore to examine the mechanisms by which pathogenic microorganisms cause disease, using an interdisciplinary approach that involves scientists trained in microbiology, virology, molecular biology, and host defense.

Viral Immunology

Providing critical peer-reviewed research on rare, emerging, and under-studied viruses, with a unique focus on analyzing relationships between external viruses and internal immunity.

Immunology and Vaccine Development Research

Dr. Leslie Goo researches the immune response to mosquito-borne flaviviruses such as dengue virus, West Nile virus and Zika virus. By combining tools in virology, molecular biology, immunology, genomics, and epidemiology, the team strives to inform the design of vaccines and antiviral drugs.

Research Associate in Respiratory Virus & Vaccine Immunology

The role Imperial College London are looking for a highly motivated Research Associate to work on an innovative SARS-CoV-2 human infection challenge study, in the first instance. You will be part of a multi-disciplinary group focusing on human immunity against respiratory viral infections using exciting and unique studies of experimentally infection/vaccination of volunteers

A closer look at T cells reveals big differences in mild ...

Now a research team from La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI), The University of Liverpool and the University of Southampton has uncovered an interesting clue. Their new study suggests that...

NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE?  You actually get “research” from the second search.  In the Google search you mostly get “ads”.   Do you think Google search might have an influence on what “information” you can find? Which then leads to a lack of new data which in turn reinforces the same fears of almost a year ago?


Continuing “Let’s Get Real” as a theme, see First Trust Covid Tracker Attachment 1 “First Trust Covid Tracker” for very up to date virus and vaccination statistics”


Continuing “Let’s Get Real” as a theme for email based fraud from the last blog:

I mentioned in Blog #1 how easy it has been for “tricksters” to invade your email space.  Just to demonstrate both how common it is and the value of a good email system to screen for possibly dangerous sites, I took a count.  Out of a couple hundred emails I received over 4 days in January, 60 emails that were filtered out as potential SPAMOf those 60, there were 11 that were obviously designed to get personal information or access to my computer from me.

And I noted that virtually all of the 11 bogus emails were suggesting they were a “notice of an unpaid bill” from a known company to me.


Let’s Get Real about…

I thought I would close out this blog by including some recent analysis also published by First Trust.  Why? Because it is indicative of GOOD virus news as contrasted with the current information that schools could remain closed until next fall…REALLY! 


Continuing “Let’s Get Real” as a theme, see First Trust Covid Tracker Attachment 2 “First Trust Immunity is Closer Than You Think”


Let’s Get Real about this blog. As I said in the introduction and you will notice from reading the attachments, the “Let’s Get Real” theme can cover a considerable span of topics. 


2021 is starting off a bit different than many I speak with (investment managers, financial information vendors, clients of both parties, neighbors, masked strangers, relatives who moved to Texas to get out of the Wisconsin “cold”) had expected. 

We have states that opened up their economies and sent kids back to school and have no worse virus results than states who remain pretty much shut-down, California is on the verge of “recalling” our governor, New York is seeing their governor investigated by the Dept of Justice and the FBI, we had a second un-successful impeachment “trial” that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court refused to preside over, and despite the campaign rhetoric that promised critical comprehensive administrative and legislative plans were ready to be implemented (which were not actually shown to us because if we were shown them it “would cause you to focus on and get distracted by the plans themselves rather than just getting the candidate elected” or something to that effect. 

We also have now seen a collection of state Attorney Generals join together to support the forgiveness of $50,000 of student loan debt (just as they commonly support “no bail” programs, no prosecution programs, defunding police programs, as well as a general disrespect for community law and order).  Did you know the average household student loan debt it a little over $8,000?  What household income tiers do you think have the highest levels of student loan debt?  

Those same states also stand to gain (get more money for non-Covid related items) from the currently proposed nearly $2 trillion “rescue” plan even though California we now find out actually had INCREASED state revenue in 2020 that they plan to use to increase their state budget by 12% this year!   REALLY?

Just today a public recording of a California city school board ZOOM meeting was released in which school board members as well as their chairperson ridiculed parents by suggested they simply saw “teachers as baby-sitters”!  This school district had not allowed kids back in school.  But don’t worry…the current administration thinks we may be able to get the kids back in school by next Christmas!?..maybe.  Even though the CDC says kids can go back to school NOW, teachers can go back to school NOW, because the SCIENCE (Yes, real up-to-date science) says both are at higher risk of getting the Virus while remaining OUT OF SCHOOL.  REALLY!

We also know that nearly $1 trillion of “old” stimulus funds remains “unspent”.  But we are told that if a much bigger round or rounds of rescue funding are provided it will put $7,000,000 back to work by the end of the year.  Of course, we are apparently unaware that most if not all those 7 million people would be back to work as soon as other states follow the example that has been set by one of the most populous and most “elderly” states in our own country, Florida.  REALLY!


The GOAL:  conclusions based on current “facts” and  “common sense”!